Monday, July 1, 2013

Panties and Pant Legs

Seriously guys, is it Monday again? I swear the weekends keep getting shorter and shorter...
This weekend we went to a funeral on Saturday morning, spent all day and evening having a picnic and swimming in the river with friends, ate Dairy Queen, went to bed.Somebody got a little wasted on juice boxes and Dairy Queen ice cream...she has fries in both hands, empty juice boxes and a half-eaten Blizzard she was too tired to eat.

Sunday was church and a family birthday party for these two nuggets. They turned 12 and I can't believe it, I remember when they were little 3 and 4 pound newborns.

For lunch we ate Carne Asada tacos with homemade tortillas. Let me just tell you they were YUMMY! Tortillas are really easy to make and delicious, the recipe will be posted soon!

I also saw these beauties on the ground while coming home from church...if you're wondering those ARE indeed a pair of underwear on the ground. They were by my neighbors car, I am hoping they dropped them while bringing in laundry to wash, let's hope...
The undies on the ground reminded me of a funny story about my mama. When my mom was young,  maybe 14 or 15,and she was walking through the mall just cruising along when she felt something on her ankle. When she glanced down it was a pair of underwear hanging out the bottom of her pant leg! It probably had gotten stuck in the pants while she was washing them, and she had no clue how long they had been hanging out the bottom of her pants...moral of the story is, ALWAYS check your pant legs for loose panties.
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  1. She is too cute!! I bet she had a great time!!


  2. Wow! Busy weekend! Pictures are just too cute!

    The title just jumps out at you lol love the story!



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