Wednesday, July 3, 2013

St. Croix, US Virgin Islands {Part 2}

Read the 1st trip recap here

After we left Puerto Rico we headed over to St Croix. The flight to St Croix only took 27 minutes, we got into the air and they immediately announced we were making our final descent, after the flight to NYC I was so happy about this mini flight. Especially since she fell asleep, that 27 minutes was just the power nap we needed to avoid melt downs later on.

You can see the whole island of St Croix when you fly in to land.

  My husband's parents grew up in St Croix and some of their family (mom, brothers and sisters) still live there, so it was a family reunion of sorts. My hubby couldn't remember meeting his uncles because he was only 3 when he last saw them, so that was awesome to meet them and introduce our girls to them. My husband's grandma has dementia so we wanted her to meet the girls before her mind gets really bad, and she met them but she did keep asking who all the kids belonged to...but the kids loved meeting her so it was a success.

We spent about 2 days staying with my husband's uncle and another 3 nights at a resort on the island...needless to say it was too much money but really fun. We were steps from the ocean, but my kids only wanted to be in the pool.

Come back soon for part 3 of the trip recap,

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  1. What a lovely trip!! We took a cruise to Puerto Rico last year & would love to go again! We're big fans of the USVI as cruise destinations also!! Never been to St Croix though.

  2. That looks like so much! I can't wait until I'm able to travel :)


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