Monday, July 22, 2013

That's Cray

Sometimes the most random things happen to me and per the norm this weekend was no different.
We took a family mall trip because of course Gap was an extra 40% off, you know I was there. When we got home from the mall, all of our neighbors were in the parking lot (we live in a 4-plex), there was also a car I didn't recognize and 2 people were unloading wood and pallets out of their car. My first thought was "why are these people unloading stuff here? I have never even seen them."

My hubby being the "manager" of sorts hopped out of the car to see what happened, truth be told he hobbled over, he hurt his foot and moving fast has been a challenge. Apparently these people had pulled up and started loading their car up with the property owners things and one of my neighbors got the other neighbor to see if he knew them. Well nobody knew them, they just "saw" the stuff from the street and came into our parking lot and started loading up. They said "we thought it was free junk" and then the guy actually asked "well where can I even get firewood?"  In all of his embarrassing glory he said "Come on let's go, there's plenty of free junk in the world!" You know how people act when they feel incredibly stupid because of their actions, it was that type of thing. Yes please you should go...

Here are my problems with this scenario
1- The street that our house is on is more of a highway, so you would have had to stop and look over the fence and around the cars to see any of the firewood and pallets.

2- It was in our parking lot behind cars, not on the curb and there was no signs indicating it was free.

3- You can buy firewood at the store

4-In this Pinterest era, you know she just had some wood pallet project she wanted to do, so she convinced her boyfriend to come and get these pallets.

5- WHO does that??

In other (completely unrelated) news, are you a wild or a calm sleeper? I would say I can be pretty wild, I wake up tangled in blankets and often pushing my husband off the bed, but I'm not violent. When I was pregnant with my first born I slept all the time, no joke I would come home from work eat something and fall asleep, like for the night at around 6:30 PM. After a few weeks of this, my husband just started leaving me home and hanging out with friends, seeing movies, going to dinner, he gained an active social life while I slept away and cooked a baby. I would always be in bed sound asleep when he got home, and I am a hard sleeper, so he didn't wake me up when he got home.

One night I was awakened by an elbow to the face, I sprung up thinking "WTH, did someone break in? Am I being assaulted?!" But the only person I saw was Milton (my hubs), "Milton-a, why did you do that?!" his response "I had a dream" then he was back to sleep and quite frankly so was I. The next morning of course the first thing I asked was, "why did you elbow me in the face last night?" He had a dream that he was being attacked by dogs and as they were jumping up he was elbowing them down to get them off of him. He apologized profusely of course, and felt really bad, I honestly was cracking up and now we often refer to the time I was a dog. WOOF!

If these stories weren't funny enough for your Monday make sure you check out my Pinterest "Funnies" board, there are some good ones on there.

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  1. I need that shirt in my life. Also, I thought I was a pretty gentle sleeper until I moved in with my boyfriend, who has pointed out that every morning the sheets are a tangled mess, thanks to me.
    - Rachel/ With Love, Rachel

  2. Hahaha, "who does that?!" Was my thoughts exactly!!

  3. Haha love these!! Seriously, Who does that?? Say that ALL. THE. TIME. Some people are crazy!

  4. cute blog :) and I love this post

  5. hahahaha that shirt cracks me up! I remember being in high school asking "where will I use this stuff??" so annoying!
    anyways, I've missed your bloggy blog - I took a blogging break and I'm so excited I'm back :)


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