Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Straight Poop or Scoop

I figured it was only fitting to tell yet another poop story on le blog since the most viewed post is this one and the top ways people search my blog are
Yes that really happened...

That post has only a few less page views then the post where I gave away an iPad Mini, seriously people are freaky with the enema stuff...

I am at a loss lately as to how I should handle this little one...

She's a cutie I know, she also like to stick her hands in her diaper...yep I know
My two older girls never did this, like not one time. In the past month she has done it about 8 times. Although when you are "holdin' hot turds" as my hubby would say, it feels like way more then 8. 

My hubby went in the room to check on the girls the other night, and little missy was covered in poo and it was all over her crib, he took the baby and I took the bed, it was a mess. 

So I ask you today 
Did your kids ever do this? 
How did you deal with it? Duck taping the diaper closed is not an option
Do you have any fool-proof potty training methods? 

My uncle used duck tape to stop my cousin from doing this, and while he was cutting the diaper off she stuck her hand down there and he cut off the tip of her finger. I need a duck tape free option, for serious though help me out please! 

**This post was started a while ago, but as of today my top search term for this blog is "enema stories" and that's the scoop. 

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