Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Give Your Family The License To Spill With Smart Strand

This past weekend I went to the Scappoose Sauerkraut Festival, which was one of many stops on the Mohawk Liscense to Spill Tour.
#liscensetospill #cbias #shop

 I have a confession, I have never tried Sauerkraut until this weekend and I actually like it, I was surprised by that, because the smell has always turned me off.
Other then eating Sauerkraut ice cream this weekend, seeing an adorable puppy parade and cabbage bowling, I got to meet a local celebrity...Stephanie Kralevich the KPTV meteorologist.
Stephanie Kralevich and me #shop

 Stephanie was so sweet and took pictures with me and it was awesome. I met Stephanie at the Mohawk flooring tent, aside from meeting Stephanie I also got the chance to see the most awesome carpet ever in action. I NEED this carpet in my house, true story. My current carpet is supposed to be white and it looks like a gray spotted dog, it's awful. Every tiny drop of liquid or morsel of food stays on my carpet, and I have cleaned it numerous times.

SmartStrand carpet has permanent stain and dirt resistance in the fibers, it does not wear off.  When you normally get your carpets cleaned they apply a "treatment" to resist dirt, but with time it goes away. With SmartStrand it NEVER goes away, it's built into the carpet fiber, so no worries about your carpet looking dingy in a few years. SmartStrand is also very easy to clean, which for this momma of 3 little ladies makes it a must have! You can spill soy sauce, blue Kool-aid, red wine, and even nail polish and all you need is a dishrag, warm water, and maybe clear dish soap to get it clean, that's it! SmartStrand is made by Mohawk flooring which is the world's largest flooring manufacturer and it's ranked #1 in consumer satisfaction, so you don't have to take my word for it, this carpet rocks!

The girls and I decided to do our own carpet demo, I got some SmartStand carpet squares to take home and we went to town. I let them pour soy sauce directly onto the carpet, and it all washed away with warm water.

Clean carpet squares to begin with, and then they unleashed the soy sauce.
If this was my carpet, this would be the end result...but with SmartStrand...

All it takes is some warm water...


and all the soy sauce is gone! It all ended up in the pan, not in the carpet! 

This carpet will be in my house, and hopefully it can be my Christmas present *hint* *hint* hubby... With the way my kids spill I need this ASAP!

For all the Portland locals head on over to Macadam Flooring and Design for your free estimate and amazing customer service, they would love to help you out and get SmartStrand carpet in your home. 

If you really want to try SmartStrand in your home, go over here and enter to win a 6 x 9 SmartStrand silk bound carpet rug, or you can just buy the carpet and do yourself a favor.

You all know I am a deal seeker and this carpet is actually quite a good deal compared to other carpets with no lifetime stain resistant qualities so buying SmartStrand carpet is money well spent.

For more information or if you have any questions leave a comment or find Mohawk Flooring on Twitter or Facebook.

Monday, September 23, 2013

In Praise of Single Mom's

Well....let's see...I have been shopping on Instagram, couponing like a crazy person, enjoying my 4 lovely people and going back to school. Needless to say I have been just a bit busy. Oh and did I mention my hubby had surgery?!
Yes while we were enjoying ourselves on our Caribbean adventure back in June he injured himself, we thought it would heal up on it's own, maybe a sprained ankle...not the case, he tore his Achilles.

At the end of August he had surgery (hence my absence) and he hasn't been able to put weight on 1 foot for over a month, he was off work for 2 weeks, and he has to keep his foot elevated all the time. I have no.clue. how single moms do everything alone, seriously at least he's still here, even though he can't really do much to help me. So to single moms I say
Working tirelessly for your children, I am not that strong. You rock mamas! 

I am going to start posting pictures that I find on my camera, or phone it's a Camera Clean-up
Here's one of my little ladybug, she really is so adorable! Notice the crossed legs...

I will be back this week with some interesting posts, so be on the lookout! 

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