Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Disney Comes to Town

It has been awhile, I know. I needed a little break though, just to reorganize and get some things in order. I have been going to school and trying to do it all with my loves surgery (he is still on crutches). I am super excited for this weekend though, because...I get to take my girls to see

I think I may be more excited then they are...I am most excited to see Merida and Ariel. I LOVE those princesses!

If you are a Portland local, go snag your tickets up now! The show is running from October 24th-27th and there are 7 shows total, so plenty of chances to catch the magic! Tickets on opening night are just $12 each!!! If you aren't in Portland go here to check out show times and ticket prices in your area. This show will be amazing, and if you're there on Friday night, you just might spot us!

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