Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Müller Corner Yogurt-Review

School is almost out for the summer! Can you believe it's that time already? I'm not entirely sure I'm fully looking forward to it. The not getting up early and getting kids ready part - yes I am super excited! The having everyone home all day, fighting, eating all the food part - not so much. So when I was contacted to review the Müller Corner Yogurt 12 Pack from Costco, I was all over that! 

The Müller Corner Yogurt 12 pack has 3 delicious flavors, Corner Strawberry, Corner Choco Balls, and Corner Caramelized Almond. Corner Caramelized Almond is exclusive to the Costco 12 pack and it is THE BEST of the flavors! It is super delicious and the best part is it's only $9.99, that is just $0.83 each which is cheaper then most grocery store sale prices! 

My kids and I loved this yogurt and all the flavors taste like deserts. I would head on over to Costco and try them for yourself. Costco will be sampling these yogurts at Costco locations in the Pacific Northwest on June 11th and June 25th. 

Don't have a Costco Membership (valued at $55), enter to win one below! This giveaway has a few easy entries and will end in 1 week. 

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Coming This Summer

So...as you all know I have 3 little ladies, and coming this summer

my son will be making his debut! Yes I certainly did post his parts for all to see, I'm proud!
I have been down and out for the past 4 months with pregnancy. For some reason my pregnancies are extremely difficult and they just keep getting harder. Since I have been going to school on top of everything else, I haven't had a moment to even think about blogging. Seriously not one second.
My little ladies are so excited about their baby brother and so am I. I am also nervous, I have no idea what to do with a baby boy...I don't know about diapers or any of that jazz. This whole thing will be a whole different experience for us.
My 17 Week Belly

Question of the Day: What should you never say to a pregnant woman? 

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