Monday, March 23, 2015

Stress City and GB Asana35 AP

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for GB. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and to thank me for my participation.

The past few weeks have been STRESS CITY, it has been insane. We  have been in the car non-stop, running back and forth to school, church, activities, and errands, all while trying to buy a house. The full house story is coming later, but it has been treacherous. I have been so grateful for the comfortable GB Asana35 AP car seat since Mr. Man has been in the car constantly this past week. For starters it weighs 9.2 pounds which is amazing and much easier to carry around with an 18 pound baby. GB has been manufacturing quality car seats for over 25 years, now they have added safety features with the FirmFit System. 

This system has 3 parts a FirmFit Load Leg which provides extra spine and neck protection for babies in a crash, the FirmFit Arm which ensures a safer fit to the car, along with an added 20 pounds of force, and last but certainly not least the FirmFit Harness with this harness you can simply pull the front strap and it conforms to the baby, there is no need for extra adjustments because the headrest moves with the harness.

The instruction booklet is a full on pamphlet, so putting this seat together is awesome, and all my questions were answered in this book! The only thing I couldn't wrangle was the FIrmFit Load Leg, it just wasn't meshing with me, but since you don't have to use it I just took it off, and my husband will tackle it later. 

Some of the many features of this car seat!

Looks aren't the most important thing in the world, but I like my car seats to look nice. I love the look of the GB Asana35 AP, the fabric feels so plush and soft which I love and my son loves it too.

This car seat has been a lifesaver these past couple (super busy) weeks. It is safe for my son, easy to set up, and even simpler to use. I love that the headrest automatically adjusts when you tighten and loosen the harness, and I like that he is so comfortable in it. I know that him being in the car seat when we run around all day isn't uncomfortable for his little body. It is also easier to carry the other car seats I have used in the past. The GB Asana35 AP gets an A in my book!

You can see a full video demonstration here which is awesome! 

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