Thursday, September 3, 2015

Back To School and Soccer Shenanigans

This summer has been a whirlwind. I don't know where the time has gone, do you feel like your summer flew by? School started super early this year, like in August, in all my years in this school district it has NEVER started in August. Also started on a Thursday, which I find odd. Everyone is back to school except the 2 youngest and me (I start later this month), even the hubby is back to school. 

I am officially a soccer mom, the girls started playing soccer this year, I really like it and so do they. This was before her first game, my hubby was trying to get some "action" shots...they don't look staged at all.

This little lady started kindergarten this year, and she was nervous because she had a different teacher then we originally thought.

Soccer practice shenanigans. We are at the field practicing 3 days a week and at games every Saturday, so we are here a lot.

This little one is ecstatic to have her daddy home during the day, her and the baby get him all to themselves for 6 hours and she is in heaven. Of course school just started, so as he needs to study more we won't be able to browse Bed Bath and Beyond at 10 AM on a Wednesday but for now we will take it!

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