Friday, September 25, 2015

How I Save Money- Kids Clothes Edition

Today I thought I would focus on how I save money shopping for kids clothes.  I love shopping for clothes, but I don't like full price. I actually think I have something called fullpriceitis.
the anxiety and hives that come along with buying something for full price. 

I seriously cannot shop full price, it gives me anxiety because I know it will be cheaper. So here are the ways I save money on my kids clothes.

1- Use Ebates
I LOVE Ebates! Like seriously LOVE it! It is a cash back site that give you $$$ back when you shop online. You see that total?! I have earned over $250 just by doing shopping I would normally do. 

How does it work? Stores like Gymboree, Target and Sears (just to name a few) pay Ebates a commission for bringing shoppers to their sites, then Ebates shares that with the shopper. So Gymboree gives Ebates 2% and they share that with you 50/50 so you would get 1% cash back! Click here to sign up for Ebates and you can get a $10 cash bonus after you make your first $25 purchase (within 90 days)!

2- Use Coupons
My love for coupons and discount is real, I love deals and saving money. Kids clothes are no exception. To get coupons sign up for emails. Some of my favorites are

Gymboree (comment with your email and I will send you a 25% off coupon that doesn't expire for 3 weeks)

Tons of these companies offer you a 20% coupon (or more) when you sign up for their email list, and then you can save it for a sale. 

3- Stock Up
Right now as we are at the end of summer so all the summer clothes are at alarmingly low prices. Stock up now for next summer. You can save up to 90% at some places on summer clothes right now!

4- Wait
There will be a better deal,sometimes even waiting until the weekend means more deals and extra savings. Also waiting for holiday weekends to shop is an awesome idea. Stores are usually having blow-out prices around this time.

5- Use Gift Cards
I use the gift card app Raise. They have discounts on gift cards, and you can save an additional $5 off with my code MBARNES1 and right now (hurry it WILL expire) you can save an additional $10 with the promo code "WELCOME10"! 

For example, I scored a $25 Old Navy gift card for just $9! That's a 64% savings! Hello awesome! Combine that with the tips above and save BIG! Click here to get started on Raise. 

*If you don't see the $5 come off for the referral code, go to settings, then click "claim referral" and enter code there. 

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