Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Savings Galore!! Get Free toilet paper and more!

Have you heard of Google Express? Well...its amazing. You can shop at home at stores like Costco, Toys r' us, Ulta and Whole Foods and get orders shipped for only $4.99. Even better, sign up today and get a FREE trial until the end of the year (how awesome for Christmas shopping!!) So FREE shipping on orders that are $15 or more, click here to get started! Even better you can use promo code "SXY59G3M7" for $15 off. 

See Instructions below

1- Click here and check to see if your zip code qualifies (or try a family members) then sign up using your Gmail account
2- Add at least $15 of items from the same store to your cart
3- Go to Checkout 
4- Enter promo code "SXY59G3M7"
5-  On the right hand side check the box for the free shipping trial
6- Wait 2-3 days or even overnight for your goods! 
7- After your order is delivered, cancel the membership. If you cancel you can still keep it through the end of the year, you just won't be charged the $95 at that time. 
8- If you don't cancel you should get your own promo code in about a week to share with family and friends. Share and get your own credits to use!

Some of my previous orders.

I have all these stores in my area, go here to check yours

Question of the Day- What will you order from Google Express? 

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